Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Heart Cries Out For Moab - Isaiah 15

“My heart cries out for Moab….” (vs 5)

Isaiah 15 is a prophecy regarding the destruction of Moab. It would be fulfilled 3 years after Isaiah foretells it. Perhaps the quick fulfilling of this word would serve as a confirmation of the truth of his previous prophetic utterances. They needed to hear and heed God's Word - so do we!

Moab’s defeat would be a sound one. Their chief cities would be destroyed and they would flee to their dumb idols in vain. The entire country would find itself weeping and wailing, “dissolved in tears” because of the judgment that would fall. Even the soul of their mighty army would tremble.

Isaiah saw the vision and the reality of the devastation revealed in that vision made him ache and weep. “My soul cries out for Moab.”

Now keep in mind that Moab was no friend to God’s people. Isaiah surely knew this yet his heart grieved regarding what lay ahead for them. Hear Matthew Henry on this very point:

“The prophet himself has impressions made upon his spirit by the prediction of it. Though they are enemies to Israel, they are our fellow creatures. It becomes God’s ministers to be of a tender spirit, to be like their Master who wept over Jerusalem even when He gave her up for ruin.”

God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked and we should not either!

Praying for a heart full of mercy,


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