Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How Far Can You Go with Mo?

Yesterday, after reading about the death and burial of Moses, I put a status update on my Face Book page. Here’s what it said:

“Moses died and was buried by God. Christ died and was raised by God. The load of the law would have an end. The glory of the gospel goes on forever!”
That was yesterday. This is today. Today hasn't changed much!

Today I’m still ruminating upon the exact same thing and am still absolutely blown away by how much greater glorious grace is than laborious law. I am particularly struck at how much our need for the good news of the gospel of Jesus is portrayed in the life, death, and burial of the man Moses - he who gave us the Law carved upon tablets of stone.

Now, just so you know, I’m NOT dissing the Law. Not at all! We need it and we need it desperately! It shows us the holiness of our God. It shows us the lack of that same holiness in ourselves. It points out to us the heinousness of our sin. It serves as a schoolmaster to teach us where we err and as a mirror to enlighten us regarding the muck, mud, & mess that is all over our face. It's like a spiritual MRI - showing us what's wrong with our heart, mind, and soul.