Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Grapes - Isaiah 5

“Then He expected it to produce good grapes, but it produced only worthless ones.” (vs 2b)

Here is the parable of the vineyard and in it is portrayed all of the great things that God has done for Israel - His church.

It was planted on a “fertile hill” in good soil. God did the work of preparing this fertile soil by removing the stones from it. He built a tower in the middle of it for its defense. He took good care of this vineyard and what did he expect in return? “Then He expected it to produce good grapes….”

Henry says, “God expects vineyard fruit from those that enjoy vineyard privileges.” As well He should! Sadly, they did not produce good grapes but worthless wild grapes! “Wild grapes are the fruit of the corrupt nature. They are hypocritical performances that look like grapes.” (Henry)

What fruit am I producing? Is it good? Is it wild and worthless? How I need the Spirit of God to help me produce the fruit of God (Gal 6).

In need of His mercy,


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