Monday, January 19, 2009

Consulting the Law and the Prophets - Isaiah 8b

“And when they say to you, ‘Consult the mediums and the spiritists who whisper and mutter,’ should not a people consult their God? Should they consult the dead on behalf of the living? To the law and to the testimony!” (19-20)

Clearly, there is nothing new under the sun! Men still seek the answers to life from the consequences of death! How rarely do men in this fallen world seek their answers from the Living and True God, instead we turn to dumb, dead, worthless idols.

God tells us NOT to consult with mediums and spiritists. Psychics cannot help us. It is “to the law and to the testimony” that we should turn.
Matthew Henry says: “Isaiah directs them to the oracles of God. Those will never be drawn to consult wizards that know how to make good use of their Bibles. Make God’s statutes your counselors and you will be counseled aright.”

O Great law giving God, Thank You for your glorious Word. Thank You for that perfect law of the LORD which restores the soul. Thank You for Your testimony, O LORD, which makes wise the simple. Thank You for Your precepts, O LORD, which are right and rejoice the heart. Thank You for Your commandments which are pure and enlighten the eyes. Thank You that all your commandments are faithful and are forever settled in heaven. How comforting to know that all of your commandments are truth.

Holy God, Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Make me to walk diligently in your precepts. Help me to keep my way pure by keeping it according to Your Word. Do not let me wander from Your commandments. Help me to treasure Your Word in my heart that I may not sin against You.

O my God, Your testimonies are my delight and they will be my counselors. AMEN
Trembling at the Word,

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