Monday, July 15, 2013

On Becoming a Violent Christian

Are you a violent Christian?

Perhaps you should be!!

No, not in the way that you may be thinking...
...not in the corrupt way of the Crusades,
...or the sinister snipe hunts of the Salem witch trials,
...not like the Westboro Baptist bigot bashers and sinner trashers,
...or even like the radical pro-lifers who justify murder of abortion docs as "a-ok" for the cause.
I'm not even talking about being a violent Christian in the evangelistic sense, like some of the rude (though probably well meaning) tract transferers who are determined to force their tri-fold treatises upon you whether you want them or not.  Those who seem happy to holler at you about hell whenever you cross their path.

That's not what I'm talking about.  Not at all!!

Jesus, in Matthew 11 says that the violent take the kingdom of heaven by force.

It's a passage that has always troubled me. 
What does it mean? 
What is Jesus getting at?