Friday, March 13, 2009

Equality With God? - Isaiah 40 part 6

"'To whom then will you liken Me
that I should be his equal?'
says the Holy One."
(vs 25)

I considered including this posting with yesterday's but it convicted me enough that I wanted to have it stand alone. Yesterday I was shamed by the idolator's diligence in their graven image making. This morning I am ashamed by my own idolatry.

John Calvin has said that our hearts are "idol factories" and my own heart testifies that it is so. Your's does too if you'll be honest. We regularly have other "gods" before Him.

Mentally, as Christians, we assent that there is no one and no thing equal to God. But, in our heart of hearts and in the affairs of our day and in the investment of our time and resources does mental assent equal reality?

Let Matthew Henry flesh this out for us. "Verses 21-26 show the absurdity of making creatures equal with God in our affections. Proud people make themselves equal with God; covetous people make their money equal with God; & whatever we esteem or love, fear or hope in, more than God, that creature we equal with God."

I need to go toss some idols.

Licking my wounds again,


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