Thursday, February 5, 2009

Withering Vanity & Everlasting Glory - Isaiah 23

“Who has planned this against Tyre?
The LORD of hosts has planned it
to defile the pride of all beauty,
to despise all the honored of the earth.” (vs 8-9)

It is prophesied here in Isaiah that Tyre will fall. Being a sea-port town everything about Tyre is wrapped up in its sea trade. Understandably, Isaiah begins his prophesy against them with “Wail, O ships of Tarshish, for Tyre is destroyed.”

Tyre will fall and it will fall at the sovereign command of the King of Kings. Tyre was a proud place and once again we see that “pride goeth before a fall.” Over and over this theme has woven its way throughout these prophesies of judgment. I should flee far from pride and beg God to make me a humble woman.

God designed this judgment and “He designed it to convince men of the vanity and uncertainty of all earthly glory, to show them what a withering thing it is even when it seems most substantial. Are men’s learning and wealth or their pomp and power their glory? Look upon the ruins of Tyre and see all this glory stained and buried in the dust.” (Matthew Henry)

There is only one certain, everlasting, unfading glory and He is “the King of Glory” (Ps 24). There is no person, place or thing of eternal glory outside of Him. Tyre fell. Babylon fell. Assyria fell. “If we looked more upon the falling of others we should not be so confident, as we commonly are, of the continuance of our own standing.” (Henry)

By His grace I will build my house upon the Rock of Glory knowing that when the rain descends, the floods come, and the winds blow then and only then may I be certain that my house will not fall (Mt 7:24-25).

Building on the Rock,

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