Friday, May 21, 2010

Oral Dysentery - Ecclesiastes 10:14

"The fool multiplies words."
(Ecclesiastes 10:14)

Growing up, my dad had a phrase to describe those whose tongues wagged continuously: "oral disentery." That is the malady that Solomon is addressing in Ecclesiastes 10:14.

Foolish people tend to talk all the time, incessantly, non-stop and far too often with no purpose other than to tickle their own fancy. Perhaps they hope that with a large quantity of words there might arise some positive quality of words. Alas, it is content not volume that shows true wisdom.

Matthew Henry made me chuckle this day. "Many who are empty of sense are full of words!"

Would we be wise? Let us keep our mouths shut much more often. Let us bridle our tongues, be quick to listen and much much slower to speak.

The wise man can say a lot with very little. Choose your words carefully and speak them humbly! Here's praying that our "little" words would be great words and that our few would go far!

In His glorious grace,

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