Monday, December 21, 2009

They Marvelled - John 4:27

“And at this point His disciples came,
and they marveled that He had been speaking with a woman;
yet no one said ‘What do you seek?’ or ‘Why do you speak to her?’”
(vs 27)

It’s just one verse in the middle of a grand narrative, yet it tells us a lot. The disciples return and find Christ conversing with this sinful Samaritan woman. They walk right in the middle of this evangelistic opportunity and there is truly much to marvel at. Two things strike me particularly this morning.

First, they marvel that Jesus – a Jew – is talking to a Samaritan woman – and He's talking to her about living water and worship. Jesus is no respecter of persons. He is no racist nor sexist. He is an equal opportunity Savior! How we should marvel at Christ's condescending to convert any of us. Our mouths should drop open. Our heads should shake in amazement. Our minds should marvel. Do they?

Second, they marvel that Jesus is talking to anyone at the moment. Come on, He’s worn out, He’s weary, He’s had a long hard day! Surely He has an excuse to NOT engage anyone else in conversation. Isn’t it time for Him to be off the clock? No, not Jesus. He is never too tired, never too busy, never too over extended to pursue sinners and save them! Shouldn’t that shame us a bit? How often do I find a plethora of excuses to not be bothered by the Samaritans that cross my path?

The disciples marveled at their Master’s conversation. I have marveled as well. I’ve marveled at how He has orchestrated and ordained it all. I’ve marveled at the wisdom and compassion He has displayed along the way. I’ve marveled and the miracle of mercy which has changed this wayward woman’s life. Mostly, I’ve marveled at a God who is the Author and Perfecter of her faith and of mine!


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