Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Lesson in Evangelism (part 6) - John 4:25-26

“The woman said to Him,
‘I know that Messiah is coming
(He who is called Christ);
when that One comes, He will declare to us all things.’
Jesus said to her,
‘I who speak to you am He!”
(vs 25-26)

Talk about a clear declaration. Here is THE black and white statement of black and white statements. There’s nothing confusing about this one. Jesus is the Messiah!! “I who speak to you am He!”

Is there anywhere else in all of the Bible where Jesus more plainly testifies to who He is? I know of none! And look who He tells it to – an immoral, adulterous, wicked woman!! Jesus is so willing to receive sinners. Here is grace portrayed in all of its amazing majesty. God the Son, Christ the Messiah, the eternal Son of David, the King of kings and Lord of lords loves this sinner enough to reveal Himself to her!!

He doesn’t say these words to the high priest. He doesn’t proclaim them to the rich man. He doesn’t announce them to the powerful potentate. He tells them to a sinner in need of living water!!

Beloved, this is our Savior! This is He to whom we are to point the lost to behold! This is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Christ loves sinners and is willing to reveal Himself – in all of His glory and majesty – to them.

As we minister to the lost and dying may we be faithful in proclaiming Him to them and may we be serious and steadfast in our prayers that just as He revealed Himself to this Samaritan woman, that in the same manner He would reveal Himself to them!!

Christ’s love for sinners is beyond our ability to comprehend. He loved this lost and immoral woman. He loved her enough to seek her out, to begin the conversation, to expose her sin, to open her eyes, to reveal Himself.

He’s done the same for me. His love for me is beyond my understanding. I can’t grasp it. How can it be? How could the Holy Son of God care to meet me on a college campus (my well) and offer to me living water? Yet, through the faithful witness of believing friends that is exactly what He did. I was pointed to this Lamb who had come to take away my sin. I was offered this water of eternal satisfaction and was clearly told that NOTHING else would ever truly satisfy me. I was shown the reality of my sin. I was pointed to worship the God who had made me and who had mercifully condescended to save me. Through those things He revealed Himself to me! I was once as the Samaritan woman was and I pray to be much more like Jesus is! May He be pleased to use me as an humble means of revealing Him to others. May He be pleased to use each of us as funnels and channels through which His living water may freely flow to sin parched souls!

Longing to be used,

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