Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How Far Can You Go with Mo?

Yesterday, after reading about the death and burial of Moses, I put a status update on my Face Book page. Here’s what it said:

“Moses died and was buried by God. Christ died and was raised by God. The load of the law would have an end. The glory of the gospel goes on forever!”
That was yesterday. This is today. Today hasn't changed much!

Today I’m still ruminating upon the exact same thing and am still absolutely blown away by how much greater glorious grace is than laborious law. I am particularly struck at how much our need for the good news of the gospel of Jesus is portrayed in the life, death, and burial of the man Moses - he who gave us the Law carved upon tablets of stone.

Now, just so you know, I’m NOT dissing the Law. Not at all! We need it and we need it desperately! It shows us the holiness of our God. It shows us the lack of that same holiness in ourselves. It points out to us the heinousness of our sin. It serves as a schoolmaster to teach us where we err and as a mirror to enlighten us regarding the muck, mud, & mess that is all over our face. It's like a spiritual MRI - showing us what's wrong with our heart, mind, and soul.

We NEED the Law for we need to learn - but the Law can only do so much for us. It can show us our sin but it can't take it away. It can let us look at the filth on our face but it can't clean it off. Just like Moses, the Law may be able to lead us in the direction of the Promised Land and even bring us right up to its border but the Law will never be able to get us through the gate and into a peaceful possession of that place. Moses drove them into the wilderness where they were brought to their knees in repentance and then he brought them to the outskirts of Canaan but he wasn’t able to lead them in.

Just how far can you go with Mo?

Moses died and was not able to apply to them the possession of that gift which he had proclaimed to them. No, Joshua (a type of Christ) carried them into that fertile land flowing with milk and honey. Is it not a picture of the Law and the gospel? The Law drives us to the desert, that the Gospel might carry us to Canaan.

Don’t look to Moses to save you. Don’t lean on the Law. There is no “doing” of duty that will ever set you free from the accursed load of sin that we all carry – it will just exhaust you further. The doing of the duty debilitates BUT resting in the righteousness of the Redeemer shall set you free! Look to Jesus and to Him alone! Lean upon Him – His power, His strength, His perfection, His propitiation – and not upon yourself.

Lest you doubt my words and long for Law above liberty and a “to do” list over one that “’tis done” might I remind you (and me) of this:

Why Jesus?

Why not the Law of Moses?

Well, because “the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death. For what the Law could NOT do, weak as it was through the flesh, GOD DID: sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, in order that the requirements of the Law might be fulfilled in us, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.” (Romans 3:2-4)

Beloved, do you not see how grand and glorious is this gospel? Do you not see how much greater Jesus the Just Justifier is than Moses the mortal moral mouthpiece?

Moses is held forth as a mighty man – and that he was, but he was still only a man, made of flesh and blood. Jesus was the Creator of that flesh and blood and He that has created is far, far, FAR above that which he has made.

In the closing verses of Deuteronomy we are told several marvelous things about this mortal man but these wonderful words and pleasant praises pale when compared with the awesome attributes of our Advocate. It is written: “Since then no prophet has risen in Israel like Moses.” As much as all other preaching people fell beneath Moses, Christ Jesus – the incarnate Word - went beyond him.

Moses spoke with the Lord face to face. Jesus WAS that face!!

Moses gave the Law. Jesus FULFILLED the Law!!

Moses was a faithful servant of God. Jesus was THE faithful SON of God!!

Moses did deeds that showed mighty power from on high. Jesus - the omnipotent incarnate God - WAS the power from on high!!

Moses died and his government was passed to another. Jesus LIVES and of the increase of His government THERE WILL BE NO END!!

Truly there is no comparison and I am moved again to meditate on my post from yesterday:

“Moses died and was buried by God. Christ died and was raised by God. The load of the law would have an end. The glory of the gospel goes on forever!”

May the Law of Moses lead us straight to the gate that the Gospel of the grace of God – as it is freely given to us through Christ Jesus our Lord – may carry us into Canaan.

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