Friday, July 9, 2010

For ME? - Galatians 2:20

"...the Son of God, who loved me,
and delivered Himself up for me."
(Galatians 2:20)

I was rolling along. I was moving forward. I was storming right on into verse 21 and then two words stopped me in my tracks.

"For me!"

"For ME!"

Wow! You know, the gospel is not just for the masses. Christ didn't simply die for the multitudes. Jesus didn't give Himself only for the many. My Savior delivered Himself up for ME!

Once again - Wow!

This is an up close and personal thing. This is God getting down and dirty with this wretched sinner named Lori Sealy. It was not only "for our sins" that Jesus came - it was for MY sins!!

Friends, is this not an amazing thing? Does this not blow your mind? We have a personal God who knows us personally. He came personally to rescue us personally. Does such love not move you to tears?! It should!

I know myself personally. I know how wretched and vile and corrupt and just flat-out wicked I am in my own heart and head. (You know that about yourself as well.) Well, God knows it even better than I do - and in spite of His perfect knowledge He chose to come anyway and He came "for ME!"

Luther wrote:
"Read the words 'me' and 'for me' with great emphasis. Print this 'me' with capital letters in your heart, and do not ever doubt that you belong to the number of those who are meant by this 'me.' Christ did not only love Peter and Paul. The same love He felt for them He feels for us."
ME! These are two letters of love from the God of love. Christ loves ME! Jesus died for ME! "For ME!" Are you counted with me as a "me" this day? You can be and I pray you will be!

In His glorious grace, which has been given to "me",

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