Monday, November 16, 2009

He Knows All Men and Me! - John 2:24-25

"But Jesus, on His part,
was not entrusting Himself to them,
for He knew all men,
and because He did not need anyone
to bear witness concerning man
for He Himself knew what was in man."
(vs 24-25)

The Children's Catechism asks "Can you see God?" The answer given is "No, I cannot see God but He always sees me."

God always sees. He always hears. He always knows. Nothing can be hidden from God. All is open and laid bare before Him with whom we have to do. He knows our actions. He knows our thoughts. He knows everything!

Clearly, this text shows us that Christ - the 2nd person of the Trinity - is omniscient. He knows our names and our natures. He knows not only our actions but our attitudes. We are an open book to Him. He knows what is IN us - fully, completely, perfectly. That is a fact of Scripture. The question we must ask ourselves is what does the knowledge of that fact stir up in me?

J.C. Ryle's comments are soul searching. "The truth now before us, is one which ought to make hypocrites and false professors tremble. They may deceive men, but they cannot deceive Christ. They may wear a cloak of religion, and appear like white sepulchres, beautiful in the eyes of men. But the eyes of Christ see their inward rottenness, and the judgment of Christ will surely overtake them, except they repent. Christ is already reading their hearts, and as He reads, He is displeased. They are known in heaven, if they are not known on earth, and they will be known at length to their shame, before assembled worlds, if they die unchanged.

"But the truth before us has two sides, like the pillar of cloud and fire at the Red Sea. If it looks darkly on hypocrites, it looks brightly on true believers. If it threatens wrath to false professors, it speaks peace to all who love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. A real Christian may be weak, but he is true! One thing, at any rate, the servant of Christ can say, when cast down by a sense of his own sin and infirmity, or pained by the slander of a lying world. He can say, 'Lord, I am a poor sinner, but I am in earnest, I am true. Thou knowest all things, and Thou knowest that I love Thee. thou knowest all hearts, and Thou knowest that, weak as my heart is, it is a heart that cleaves to Thee.'

"The false Christian shrinks from the eye of an all-seeing Savior. The true Christian desires his Lord's eye to be on him morning, noon, and night. He has nothing to hide."

How do you view the ever searching, all knowing eye of Christ? I, for one, despite my great weaknesses and my continual sins, am thankful that He knows me - even better than I know myself. Look on Lord Jesus, search me, test me, try me and by grace help pluck the black threads that ever run through my life. You know my guilt, You know my desire to be without guile, You know that my heart longs for you as the deer pants for the water! How thankful I am that you know all things and love me nonetheless!!

Seen by Him,

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